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Belief Networks

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  • $I_{PR}(X,Y,Z)$ means “X and Y are independent given Z”.
  • $<X,Z,Y>_G$ means “X,Y, and Z are in a graph such that Z separates X from Y.
  • “Belief in $x_i$”: posterior marginal on $x_i$ conditioned on all evidence.
Lecture 1

Exhaustively enumerating all exceptions in a logical system is intractable.
Logic systems have a difficult time handling non-monotonic reasoning.
Bayesian logic addresses these issues through explaining away.
When evidence is known, we want to update our belief in the system by producing a posterior distribution.

Lecture 2

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Lecture 6

Modeling with Bayesian Networks
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convolution_code Convolutional Codes] (Darwiche 105)

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Discuss the class project

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Full OR search trees
Context Minimal OR search graph
AND-OR Trees

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Variational Inference

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